According to the story of the game, we are in 2157, where people have completely forgotten how to speak. Disorder and chaos reign the world. Because of this, Professor Max with his loyal companion, Bacon his dog, decide to go back into the past to change the future. However to do this, he needs a time machine, which must gather energy continuously. This is where YOU come into the picture.

The time machine flings Professor Max way too far back in the past and that is why you have to help him get from one age to another by continuously gathering the energy required to operate the time machine. You can gather stars, as well as energy for the time-machine, by completing the lessons. In this adventure you are the HERO and the Professor is your mentor, whose one aim is to teach YOU and the world English!


  • The Stone Age
  • Ancient Egypt
  • The Middle Ages
  • The Wild West
  • The Present
  • The Future