It is very important to us that you keep your MOTIVATION towards language learning! Whether it is a language exam, career, or communication with foreigners, it is essential that you not forget why you are doing this!

If you don’t use the application for a long time we can assume that you forgot what your dreams are, why you started to learn a language. As a result, every 2 days you will get one PUSH NOTIFICATION on your phone screen to remind you why you started language learning.  If you don’t open it for 5 days, then we automatically turn them off so as not to disturb you. Nevertheless, we hope that your GOALS are still important for you, in which Xeropan assists you anytime, anywhere!

The push notifications of our new update are not only to remind you of your goals, but help you in perseverance, give you motivation and strengthen you to become the most successful language learner!