All the Xeropan users participate in the league.

The aim of the league is to create a sort of a COMPETITION ammong all of you learners to figure out how your active vocabulary improved during a week. After each week, those learners who get in the top 10 will be rewarded with either 50 or 100 coins.

If you get into the top 3 you’ll be rewarded with 100 coins, if you get into any of the places from 4-10, you’ll be rewarded with 50 coins.

You will always see a countdown timer, which shows you how much time is still left from the week’s competition. If you’re among the winners, once the countdown is over, you will be informed with a pop-up. If you tap on the OK button on the popup, your reward will be automatically credited to your account.


Study group:

You can invite friends to the study group and you can develop together and motivate each other. The system will automatically show you who your closest friend is in terms of your active vocabulary. Study group members can be added to your group as well by sending out invitation to your friends.