The card of a word or expression, on which its translation, audio file and explanation can be found. These cards show the key phrases in context also.



In the first half of the lesson you will meet more flashcards, then they are followed by the test tasks. In the second part there is a video. You’ll find its transcript there with the flashcards highlighted. These are the key expressions of the video. Only then you’ll have a chance to test yourself with lesson test that covers expressions, idioms and grammar units related to the given lesson. You’ll see indicators on the top of the screen in the form of hexagons, where you can see which part of the lesson you are at. IN CONCLUSION:


1. Flashcards - the key expressions

2. Tests related to the flashcards

3. Video with its transcript

4. Tests after the video


Test type

The tests within the lessons are made up of 14 different test types. The aim of these is to improve your various skills (see more on the page called Improving skills). In all lessons different test types are mixed together, so you won’t always face the same tests.


Each island symbolises each LINGUISTIC LEVEL in the game (12 in total). On all the islands 6 topics and one quest wait for you to complete their tasks in order to move on and level up.



On all the islands, within the topics you can find the LESSONS. In essence, each topic is each theme (except the grammar), to which the lessons within are related. Before the quest, you don’t have to follow a path, you can open any of them as you like.



On all the islands from 6 topics 1 is grammar (Altogether 12). This differs from the others in that its tests do not get into the quest’s tests. With this topic you can practice grammar and their usage according to the level of the given island.


On all the islands you meet a quest. The quest complies a random test series for you, in which the flashcards and the text of the lesson are not there. In order to move on to a new island, you have to FINISH THE QUEST. If an island is too easy for you, then you can start with completing the quest.

Each test of the quest serves as exams, by completing that you have to prove that you understand the lessons and learning materials of the given island. The system compiles a test series from the lessons of the given island and its tests randomly. If you complete it to 3 stars (90%), you can level up. Each quest involves 10-15 tests.


Within the game the coins serve as payment. In return for the coins you can unlock the premium lessons, so it is beneficial if you don’t run out of coins. By completing the daily lessons you can gain FREE COINS continuously. For completing the premium lessons successfully you can get coins as well, and for which you can purchase further lessons and materials. Moreover, you have the opportunity to collect even more free coins through more methods, if you feel like it that you need more coins.



For completing the lessons successfully you get stars too next to coins. You load the time machine with energy by the stars, which you can follow up in the Profile menu, that how many stars you have collected till now.