Daily lesson



Bacon the dog brings you the daily lessons every day. These short lessons are FREELY ACCESSIBLE - each one related to an exciting movie trailer, or intriguing daily news.  By completing them you can maintain the level of your knowledge. In the lesson you get 5 flashcards and related tasks with them so you can build your vocabulary and collect free coins.


Island lesson

You come across with island lessons when you enter a topic on the island. You can buy a lesson for 20 coins, or you may buy all of them simultaneously for a preferential price. For completing a lesson, you can collect up to 3 coins and stars, and you can improve your skills. The theme changes, depending on the topic types you have to complete on the given island. Beyond the free daily lessons, 864 LESSONS and more than 6000 FLASHCARDS take you from basic to advanced level.


On every island you meet grammar learning material. With this you can practise the grammar rules and usage.

If you want to take a LANGUAGE EXAM for example, it is very important to be aware of certain grammatical rules, so this learning material ensures you can do this with total assistance as you learn. You can unlock the grammar lessons for 20 coins, or you can purchase all of them for a preferential price, however you don’t need to follow a pattern. By completing grammar lessons, you improve your skills, and you can earn up to 3 coins and stars as well.


Word Builder

The Word Builder can be reached at the bottom of the screen by tapping on the pencil icon. When you enter it, you see 24 categories. You can access them for 90 coins each, or you can buy it all at a preferential price.

The application measures your ACTIVE and PASSIVE vocabulary, which can be improved by the word builder. When you come across a word, that will become part of your passive vocabulary and after the 5th time you recognise it correctly, it will be added to and become part of your active vocabulary.

Word Builder has two parts. The first is a GENERAL TEST BUTTON, with which the app starts a random test for you out of those expressions that you have come across before, or you have purchased as a category. Thanks to this test you can ensure that the words in your passive vocabulary will become part of you active one.

The second part is the CATEGORY, that you can practise what you may resolve and split into topics, so you can practice the expressions of each topic separately. Suppose that you are preparing for a job interview, explicitly practising the “work” category, you can learn all the phrases that would come in handy. The undermentioned categories are accessible for you:

•  Work
•  Travel
•  Transport
•  Gastronomy
•  Lifestyle
•  Home
•  Everyday life
•  Human relations
•  Communication
•  Emotions
•  Technology
•  Science
•  Nature
•  Free time
•  Sport, gaming
•  Studying
•  Fashion, dressing
•  Services
•  Culture
•  Business
•  Law, jurisdiction
•  Expletives
•  Time, numbers, dates


To start ‘Practice’ tap on the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen. Practice always gives you a SELECTION of the lesson tests of the current island you have done before, so by this you can maintain the level of your knowledge.