During the game you come across 12 ISLANDS, which equals to 12 LINGUISTIC LEVELS and guides you through 6 historical ages from basic to advanced level. On every island 1 quest and 6 topics await you, with 12 lessons per topic. Altogether 12 ISLANDS, 72 TOPICS, and 864 LESSONS (plus daily lessons) are waiting for you, so you can develop yourself from beginner level to advanced language knowledge.


With the lessons of the QUESTS, you can prove that your current knowledge is stronger than the level of the given island, so if you complete the quest tests to 3 STARS, then you may advance immediately to the next island. When you start a Quest, you’ll see tests from the lessons of the given island.

The GRAMMAR is an independent topic that makes you practise especially the grammar rules and usage. 


It compiles random test series of the previous island lesson topics. In the tasks there are no flashcards and the scipt of the lesson. The proportions are: 1/3 of flashcards tests, 2/3 of lesson tests.

If you complete the island’s quest to 3 stars (90%), then the next island will be available for you, which is the FOLLOWING LINGUISTIC LEVEL as well.