Each lesson has 4 PHASES; we mark these with LESSON INDICATORS on the top of the screen.


1. It contains around 7-10 flashcards, which altogether are more than 6000 in the application. On these cards there are expressions that help with the understanding of the video that serves as the center of the lesson, which you reach under the 3rd indicator.

2.The tests of the word cards welcome you here. These help with the understanding of the video content.

Before we jump into the exciting videos - you generally consume otherwise on Facebook or Youtube, - which you can find after the tests on the top of the screen under the 3rd hexagon, we would like you to familiarise yourself with the key expressions of the video and practise those. You will therefore be able to understand the video confidently, which demonstrates what it is like to learn and speak in a native environment.


3. You arrive at the video of the lesson, and beneath it you can see its transcript. This can be for example a trailer of a movie, or a scene from a TV series, lasting approximately a minute. Here, you are faced again with those key expressions that you have seen on the flashcards before, only this time in a context. If you tap on these phrases highlighted in the transcript, then their flashcards appear before you.

4. One last test series in which you can practise the expressions, grammar elements and phrases used in the lesson.


All these are demonstrated by an indicator lane with hexagons on the top of the screen, where you can see in which part of the lesson you are.

In the videos of the lesson you meet with REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS with natives to strengthen your understanding of the language. These are videos you generally consume otherwise on Facebook or Youtube while browsing around the internet. Before the lessons, there is a SUMMARY screen, where you can see which SKILLS you can improve during the lesson. By the end of the lesson a SCORE SUMMARY screen displays how many points you have scored. You’ll also see what those language skills are that have improved:

· Speaking
· Listening
· Writing
· Reading
· Vocabulary