Just imagine, you have a virtual language teacher with whom you can talk about various topics.  They correct, motivate and help you like a native language teacher who constantly keeps buzzing in your ear ‘Come on! Work for your goals!’.  Based on decades of educational experience and the analysis of more than 10 000 hours of Xeropan usage, learners will achieve fluency if they can break up this large mission to little daily steps and goals. From today on, Xeropan will help you with this as well! We send you tips every day, so you can get closer to your goal.

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By tapping on the Professor’s chathead you can view your current tasks. These come in a group of 3, in different task forms. After completing 1 you get 3 coins as a reward, so with a series of 3 you get 9 coins.


By completing the daily tasks, you’ll have a chance to discover your true potential as a language learner while you’re engaged on a daily basis. You can also explore all the features Xeropan offers.

From now on, you’ll also have a chance to form study groups with your friends, so you can motivate and help each other.


If you would like to, you can email us in a few words on how we can make Xeropan better for you, please send it to our info@xeropan.com email address. (Subject: Proposal to improve Xeropan).