Word Builder:

When you enter the Word Builder and start a GENERAL TEST, it will then enable you to practise those expressions that you have already purchased as CATEGORY, or those which you haven’t bought yet, but you have faced during your lessons. Regarding categories, the 24 topics are separate, so that you can purchase one by one for 90 coins to practise categories separately. This way, you will get a SELECTION of the given topic’s flashcards. Numbers vary per category, but altogether you can learn more than 6000 word cards. The figure increases constantly with newly added flashcards thanks to the DAILY LESSONS.

By the time you learn this many words and you cover all the lessons Xeropan offers, you will be able to nail an ADVANCED LANGUAGE EXAM. What do you think, can you reach 6000 words for your active vocabulary?

Active-passive vocabulary:

Active vocabulary:
The expressions that spring to your mind without any effort; those words and expressions you are able to use consciously in situations under pressure.

Passive vocabulary:
The expression that you do not use consciously, but when you see it, it occurs to you that you have faced it already sometime, however you struggle to recall and use in the situations under pressure.

The words/phrases known from the WORD BUILDER are not measured separately as the skills are, but you receive information on how many new expressions you faced that are added to your PASSIVE vocabulary. Once you have completed a corresponding test to a particular word 5 times from the passive vocabulary, then that will get into your ACTIVE vocabulary. Considering the proportions of these GENERAL WORD BUILDER tests, you’ll get 60%:40 % - passive:active flashcards and tests to ensure that you revise those words and expressions you know already and to practise those you don’t. The AIM of the word builder is to get all the passive words into your active vocabulary.

(The word builder not only increases your passive vocabulary, but the number of completed lessons as well, where you are always faced with new expressions. In the word builder and practice menu you can continue to improve yourself dynamically, where a word gets into the active vocabulary after the 5th time repetition.)