When you login we automatically credit +500 coins to your account, with which you can start the adventure. These are enough coins to get you all the way to the 4th and 5th islands, so around INTERMEDIATE level, where you find yourself facing serious challenges.

If you are out of coins on this level and you want to continue then read further to find out how you can earn free coins.



Visit the STORE and give us a LIKE, or FOLLOW US on Twitter, and we will reward you with +50 coins each as a gift.

You can also watch a sponsored AD to earn +5 coins each.


INVITE your friends to your study group to earn +250 coins per person and you will earn 10% of the coin-package THEY PURCHASED. (This means that if your invitee buys a coin package, then you will get 10% of his\her purchased coins) It sounds cool, doesn’t it?

If it is not enough, swing by the MORE menu:


FILL IN our 1 minute questionnaire, RATE US or if you haven’t already done it then SIGN UP to become a beta tester or GIVE US A LIKE, and for these we will earn +50 coins each as a reward. If you fill in our questionnaire, which takes only a minute of your time, you won’t only win free coins, but you also help us improve the Xeropan app so it can help you more efficiently in your study.




When you enter the PROFILE MENU, you can see your DAILY TASKS. You can get further free coins by completing the daily tasks.

You will have a chance from now on to form a study group with your friends, so you can motivate and help each other.