Professor Max kindly asks for your help to create a solid application together.  If you come accross any bugs or translation errors, please email us at

Alternatively, you can join our language learning community called the Xeropan Incubation group. To do so, go to the app’s MORE menu and tap on “Incubation group”. Professor Max needs your help to make Xeropan look sexy and run smooth. You can let us know about the errors and bugs you find and we'll make sure they're corrected as soon as possible.

We’ll be able to notify you of the latest developments and you’ll have access to beta apps with the latest features. You’ll be instrumental in refining the Xeropan experience.

Xeropan Language Incubation group

We have two types of errors:

BUGs, programme errors:
Be sure to highlight every detail if you come across any errors and bugs. The more detailed the description is the more likely we can find and correct bugs. You might want to add these to the description: when did it happen?; can the error be repeated?; and we'd be extremely grateful if you could either provide a screenshot or a video of the bug, using another device in the worst case scenario. If the video is too large to upload here, you might want to upload it to Youtube.

We'd also appreciate if you could highlight the name of the device you're using to run the app and also the current version number of Xeropan.

You can find the current version of the app at the bottom of the settings menu.


Translation errors:
If you come across any translation errors, be sure to highlight the incorrect translations along with the suggested alternative and a screenshot of the specific screen.


Make sure you always use the latest version of the Xeropan app.

Who is a Xeropan advisor in the beta testing group?


1. Who is an advisor?

  • A group of 15 outstandingly active beta testers who are in constant contact with developers, test and comment on upcoming functions of the app that are still to be developed. Advisors will be rewarded 250 Xeropan Coins every month for their support.
  • We will publish the list of advisors in the group and we will reward the most active advisor with extra bonus coins.


2. The advisor's tasks

  • Reports on her or his experiences, comments about the app's current version twice a week.
  • Commenting on the app's future functions
  • The advisor's status remains until the activity mentioned above (reporting twice a week) ceases. No hard feelings.
  • The most active beta tester will automatically replace the passive advisor.