Our story

Our lives have revolved around one single mission for Xeropan 2 to come to life to address and resolve the struggle of millions of learners in the world. This is our mission, this is what excites us and this is our hobby to help You!

1st Feb 2013
The idea phase - How can we make education efficient and measurable, thus learners more successful?
June 2016
Xeropan 2.0 launches with all our knowledge we gathered in the last 3 years!
7th Feb 2018
We teach English through the following new languages. (Arabic, Italian, Russian, Indonesian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese)
Sept 2018
Xeropan is getting revamped! 2.5 - brand new smart features, free of charge lessons and many more.
Oct 2018
Have a chat with Professor Max! Practice through life-like conversations!
Jan 2019
You can learn German with us.
Feb 2019
Launching the desktop PC version - From now on you can study with Xeropan on your desktop computer.
Sept 2019
Learn French and Spanish from now on.


Xeropan has helped this many people since its launch!


Our team includes this many people who keep plugging away day and night to make your language studies even more successful with Xeropan.


Xeropan offers this many minutes to learn from beginner to fluency.

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